Job Search Tools

Searching for a new job is difficult and stressful. Why make it worse by trying to do it alone? I’ve found a collection of applications, books and tools to help you in your job search. As I find tools that will help you in your job search I will add them to this list.

iPhone & iPad Applications

Consulting Interview Preparation Tool
The Jobjuice Strategy & Consulting App is a complete reference guide and job interview preparation tool created for MBAs and business professionals pursuing a career in consulting or business management.The app encourages dynamic preparation to develop creativity, structured thinking and solid business sense.
Marketing Interview Preparation Tool
The Marketing App is a complete reference guide and job interview preparation tool created for MBAs and business professionals pursuing a career in marketing or business management.Access this reference tool anywhere, anytime! The Jobjuice Marketing App emphasizes practicality and efficiency as a reference and learning tool providing vast amounts of marketing strategy information at your fingertips!
Salary Negotiation Tool
Learn how to master the salary negotiation process to get the salary you deserve!
Whether you are negotiating a starting compensation package or a salary raise, this app teaches you how to get what you want without coming across as greedy or aggressive.Jobjuice job interview preparation and business reference tools are used by thousands of top MBAs and business professionals around the world.

Books & Other Products

Cracking the New Job Market: The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy – Also Available on Kindle | Nook  – The rules for finding professional work once seemed clear and unwavering: capture career highlights in a resume, practice answers to standard interview questions, and do lots of face-to-face networking. “Cracking the New Job Market” shows how these rules have changed and delivers new job-hunting strategies that actually work.  Amazon Reviews
Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 – Also Available on Kindle | Nook  – This new Third Edition features the latest job-hunting strategies for the Information Age. You’ll discover key techniques to reach hiring managers at the employers you want to work for most. New chapters integrate using social media and social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo in your job search, along with case studies from successful guerrilla job hunters that detail what works in today’s hyper competitive job market with commentary from America’s top recruiters.  Amazon Reviews

Groups & Community Events

CLC holds a Job Search Support Group Every Monday from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Grayslake Campus in Room T333.