Your 90 Second Introduction

Do you get a feeling of panic during an interview when the interviewer asks you the simple question, “So, tell me about yourself?”  Do you have an answer prepared for this inevitable question? If not, you should.

The perfect answer to the, “Tell me about yourself” question is your 90 second introduction. What a 90 second introduction is designed to do is to articulate your career goals and background in a way that leaves a positive impression on the listener.


Why 90 seconds?

Ninety seconds, or around 220 to 230 words, is the attention span of the average adult.  If you talk too long, all you will do is inspire boredom in the listener and their mind will wander. If you don’t talk long enough, the listener won’t be hooked into what you are saying and they won’t want to know more.

When To Use Your 90 Second Introduction

During an interview is not the only time to use your 90 second introduction. Your 90 second introduction is a marketing tool to be used whenever the opportunity presents itself. For example:

  • In response to the, “Tell me about yourself” question.
  • During a pre-screening interview.
  • At an informational interview (networking).
  • During the job interview.
  • In social situations where there is an opportunity to market yourself.

The purpose of your 90 second introduction is to market you and your skills. It is a marketing tool designed to stimulate interest in you and your situation. Your introduction should include your background and what it is that you aspire to do. Also, be sure to mention exactly what your job title is or what field you specialize in.

During your 90 second introduction, you should talk about your career highlights and accomplishments. Choose the most impressive highlights relevant to the situation. Bring up your current situation and get to the point of your speech. What is it that you want? Are you networking with peers and need feedback? Are you in an interview and looking to be hired? Maybe you are in a social situation and looking for possible companies to pursue. Whatever the case, the listener needs to know what it is you want so they have the opportunity to respond to your need.

Your 90 second introduction can be a great foot-in-the-door or conversation starter tool that can be used in many situations.

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