Business Consultants

Consulting as a Career

Are you an excellent problem solver? Do you enjoy taking on challenges and finding the solutions? A career in business consulting may be your next or final opportunity.

Our consultants work with companies throughout the US assisting owners in improving profits, increasing productivity, optimizing the utilization of resources, changing behavior and in general organization development.

If you have been there and done it, then this may be the opportunity for you. Do you have 15+ years of mid to upper level profit and loss management experience and/or successful business ownership; are you proficient in Excel and Word; and do you truly understand financial reports and how to create them and then take action?

Our client’s our looking for problem solvers not sales people. Our positions require extensive travel from Sunday night to Friday afternoon. However, you earn the points and the other travel rewards. Vacations are virtually free, and you can occasionally have your significant other join you.

The training is exhaustive and comprehensive. You will be required to attend an initial 9-day training program that has a 91% passing rate. Those that survive will continue into an ongoing “on the job” training program working with Project Managers and Directors. The first year you can expect to earn between $72,000 and $98,000. The compensation structure continues to improve into the six figures with experience and promotions into Project Management.

If you feel you have the required experience and the dedication and determination to succeed, email your resume for consideration to